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Earthlings got a new look!

I have been trying to design the cover for Land of Hope and Glory (LOHAG) for so long, I can see it in my mind, and yet each design that came back wasn't quite right. It didn't have the 'wow' factor that the ending to this trilogy deserved. So... I decided to redo the whole trilogy. It's just how I work, when something isn't right I simply have to fix it - even if it means redoing the entire thing.

That being said, I don't know about you ... but I am in LOVE!!!

The wonderfully talented Designs by Danielle has been working patiently with me for the past few months while I tried and retried multiple times to find the perfect embodiments for the characters that needed to grace each cover. It was a hard decision but wolves had to be the choice for Earthlings, they play such a pivotal part in the story.

The character for Dominion was much easier. Almost a no-brainer. He was everyone's favourite addition. So the search for the perfect Bayard began. And this was no easy feat, there were lots of the wrong Bayard, but finally - here he is!

Then last but certainly not least, the easiest to design, was LOHAG. The darkness that devoured so many at the end of Dominion had many faces, and one of their faces plays a major part in the ending to the trilogy. I do hope you all love this cover as much as I do.

The new designs also come with additional artwork within the pages by the super-talented Maria Marcel

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Happy reading as always and I cannot wait to celebrate the launch of LOHAG later this year with you all.

For the animals,


Ray xox

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