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Join me and endorse the Plant Based Treaty

As of today I am proud to endorse the Plant Based Treaty. There is a code red climate emergency and we must take immediate action to avert catastrophe.

Ending fossil fuels alone will not avoid climate breakdown, we must do both and we must do it now. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation and biodiversity loss, and the expansion must be stopped.

There is a climate, ocean, biodiversity and animal crisis, and the solutions are right before our eyes. We need to phase out fossil fuels and transition to a plant-based diet. Action is required at all levels, from individuals, to business to government.

For every Earthling living on this beautiful planet that we are blessed to call home, humanity must act now, or life as we know it shall never be the same again.

If we are to stand any chance of averting the climate crisis, we must transition away from animal agriculture.

Eat plants, plant trees and endorse the Plant Based Treaty.


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