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Lunar Living

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The moon. Have you ever looked at her properly? Truly seen her? She is something else. Breath taking. Shining down on us always, even when we cant see her. She is always full, even though we can only see the side of her reflected down by the sun. The moon is one of natures greatest creations. Some believe that she was once part of earth, shattered away by a meteor. That makes me feel closer to her, an orb of separated earth orbiting around us, wanting to stay close to her home. I can relate to that.

Our lives on earth are greatly effected by the moon. Our ancestors planted and tended to their crops based on the moons position in the night sky, the tides of the sea are controlled by her gravitational pull, our calendar months were originally created by the moons lunar cycle. Over time, the month no longer coincides perfectly with the 'moonth' but that beautiful glowing orb in the night sky has a great affect on all that cohabits down here on this pretty little planet called earth.

As an eclectic witch, embracing the moons cycles has come hand in hand with my beliefs, something I'll go into in more depth in another blog post, but the beauty of the moon is; she shines for everyone. No matter what you do or dont believe in. Whether you're Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Atheist or something completely different I'm yet to learn about. The moon shines her light for all of us. If you can learn to embrace her energy and live alongside these cycles, it can sync with your needs, desires and emotions and bring about an all together happier, healthier lifestyle.

Learning to live alongside the moons phases has been a genuine life changing experience for me. It's helped me mentally, physically and most importantly - emotionally. If you're interested in learning more, I'm certain it can benefit you too.

The main moon phases in a lunar cycle are:

NEW MOON: (Moon first starts to show)

The perfect time to set new intentions, new affirmations, new beginnings. Allow ideas to manifest, dreams to come to light. What do you want and why? What steps can you put into place to make it happen? Let the clock start to tick on what it is that would make you happy. New job? New home? New relationship? Taking more time for yourself? More time with family? Starting a new hobby? New exercise regime? Eating healthier? Re-kindling an old connection? What could you do new this moonth to make you happier.

WAXING MOON: (Moon waxes, light area gets bigger)

Allow your ideas to develop into plans. Let the plans progress. Those things you've put off doing - do them. Do them well. Believe in your desires, picture them becoming your reality. Apply for that job / fill out that mortgage application / set up that online dating profile / start networking / invite your family round for dinner / book that dance class / help your local community / sign up to Veganuary / extend an olive branch to the old friend or colleague you've been meaning to get in touch with. What ever your new moon intention was, put your plan(s) into motion. Let them progress.

FULL MOON: (Moon appears full in the sky)

The big one. Give thanks and praise. You can see the moon in all her glory. Bask in her light and be grateful. You are alive. What ever your new moon affirmation or intention may have been, you've made a step closer to making it happen - now embrace the full moons energy and know you can achieve it. Believe it's already yours. Ask the moon out loud for what it is you truly desire and make sure to say a big thank you afterwards. She will hear you.

WANING MOON: (Moon wans, light area gets smaller)

Time to analyse. How are things going? Time to air out old laundry. Anything you need to de-clutter in your life, now's a good time to do it. Clear out your wardrobe, pop those old items on eBay or give to a local charity shop. Make the apology you've put off tackling, sort through junk mail, pay outstanding bills, journal, meditate, begin to detox and let your moonths energy settle in preparation for the next lunar cycle soon to start.

DARK MOON: (Moon barely shows in the sky)

Quiet time. Reflect, slow down, enjoy a day or two of pure relaxation and self love. Be gentle with yourself, take long baths, long walks, read a good book, watch your favourite movie, detox and prepare for the next upcoming new moon. If you're ready, perhaps start to visualise your next new intention or how to put extra effort into the previous one if it still needs working on. Be patient with yourself and others. Dark moon = down time.

End of 1 Lunar Cycle.


There are 13 lunar cycles in one year. Thats up to 13 new affirmations or opportunities to work towards. A mix of goals, dreams and ambitions all completely achievable with enough intent and belief and then equally as much time to reflect and rest inbetween. The perfect juxtaposition of up and down, of light and dark, of yes and no's. Everything in perfect balance.

Dream, believe, achieve, give thanks, release, relax .. then repeat.

If you can learn to get into this routine, whether it's for major life changing dreams and ambitions or day to day tasks that would make life that bit easier and less scattered if you had a system of coping and dealing with them. Try it. See how you get on. No affirmation is too big or too small. Only you know what it is you want and need from life to be happy. As long as it harms none, and your intentions are pure and kind, you can make them happen.

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