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Embrace the elements

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Spirit. The elements that create life. Without any one of these vital components, we would cease to exist. To pay homage to the basic principles that give us life, I simply had to incorporate them vividly into the Earthlings world, although, there are plenty of ways we can incorporate them into our daily lifestyles in modern day society also. Learning to embrace each of these elements and bring them into your life is a truly magickal experience. Theres nothing that a combination of the elements can't improve. Magick at your finger tips - try it for yourself!

Embracing the elements. What does that mean exactly? To me, embracing the elements is to cherish all forms of life on this planet, from the earth we walk on, the air we breathe, the water that nourishes our bodies, the fire that warms our souls, and the many spirits that walk along side us in a beautiful array of species to admire. Spend more time with nature and appreciate the natural world around us. Go back to our roots. Drown out the noise, sit back, and appreciate the glorious wonders our beautiful planet has provided us with, and make the most of each and every earthly component.

Nature is something I used to take for granted. Other than going on holiday and putting my feet in the sand, I forgot what being outdoors does for our well being. We don't need to go on holiday to enjoy the elements. It's utter perfection when you do, but simply spending time outdoors or bringing some of the outdoors, into your living and / or work space, really helps us feel great. It lifts our spirits and makes us smile. Here's a few suggestions to help bring more of the natural world into your daily routine.

Embracing Earth:

*Practise 'grounding' (walking barefoot on the earth / grass / sand / stones, etc)

*Plant flowers

*Grow your own plants / flowers / fruits / veggies

*Spend quality time with animals

*Take your children / animals for a country walk / picnic

*Research crystals and find some that you feel drawn to - there are so many to chose from and their healing properties are endless.

*Earth is our home planet - what feels like home to you? More time with friends / family etc, what ever makes a happy home for you - make sure to do it!

Embrace Air:

*Get out of the city / town, find somewhere green and breathe real, fresh air

*Research into local parks in your area and make a point of visiting them

*Try meditation / breath work / yoga

*Sing. Whether you can hold a note or not - sing your little heart out!

*Get creative: Book a hot air balloon / sky dive / paragliding experience

Embrace Fire:

*Use candles (or even better - make your own! Blog post to follow on how to do this!)

*Lay in the sun

*Invest in a salt lamp to pop on your bedside table

*Add solar powered lights garden

*Find your own fire: what is your passion? Incorporate it into your life somehow. What do you feel really genuinely passionate about? Find your inner fire and embrace it!

Embrace Water:

*Drink water - lots of it! It's recommended to drink 8 glasses a day for optimum health.

*Tend to your garden and water your plants

*Take a relaxing bath / shower

*Go swimming

*Spa day / steam room / sauna

*Find local water spots in your area from lakes / streams / rivers or if you're lucky enough to be close to the sea, make a point of visiting often.

Do any or all of the above, or find your own ways to embrace the elements and magickal moments will be plentiful, try it for yourself.

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