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Make your own magick

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hello my fellow Earthlings - to those that have read book one of the trilogy, an endless thankyou for joining Peridot on her journey. Book two will be following shortly, but before we take a step into the next phase of her arduous journey ahead - I wanted to invite you into my own personal space, and share a little of the story behind the magickal aspects of Earthlings with you, and what prompted me to write the trilogy. If you've read book one, you've probably clicked that I'm a firm believer in all things of a magickal nature and the utmost important part of my spiritual practise, is to share my knowledge to those that want to learn too.

Magick is real. And it exists for everyone.

Where to start .. at the beginning I guess:

My spiritual practise used to be something that I would do alone, in private, when no-one was watching. At first because it was personal to me but mainly because I was embarrassed to speak freely about my beliefs. I've always feared others judgement. A fear that my practise has allowed me to shed and now be free from. I am Pagan and embracing my beliefs and rituals is something that has dramatically enhanced and bettered my life, for which I am eternally grateful. So for that reason. I feel its important to share it. Even if, to some, it may seem out of the ordinary. It's important to be free and speak your truth, especially if it could benefit others.

I've always known I was spiritual, yet I struggled with finding my path and true belief. When I was a child, I went to a Christian school, regularly attended church and would pray often when I was alone. Something I found when I prayed, was that I felt I wasn't being heard. I was sticking to a script I had been taught by others and not speaking freely, something I now understand was not in line with my true self, so of course I wasn't being heard. I wasn't speaking my truth. As I got older I stopped praying. I still believed in God but not as a man in the sky with power over Heaven and Earth as I had been taught at school, but as something so much more than that. Not masculine, not feminine, most certainly not human, something that our minds most likely couldn't even fathom, a deity to be awed and respected, and thanked - for I was alive and I understood that was a blessing. I've always wanted to have a way to physically give thanks for my life but I didn't know how to do so. I researched a lot of religions and none resonated with my personal beliefs. All were very structured and whilst I agreed with parts, I didn't agree with the entirety, so I couldn't align myself to any of them.

Then adolescence happened and spiritual beliefs and aligning with my true self was something I completely forgot about. I did as teenagers do and I simply lived. I lived well. I am very lucky to have amazing friends and family and if I could go back and relive those years again I would, and I wouldn't change a thing. I am forever grateful that I got to have what a lot of children dont these days - a childhood. I laughed, I cried, I fell down, picked myself back up again, cuts and scrapes be dammed. I had tantrums, I thought life was 'so unfair' and the world was against me, I forgot about it the next day and was carefree again. I loved, I dreamt, I learnt, I made mistakes and then somewhere along the mayhem that is life I became an adult.

And then everything changed.

Not in a bad way, but in a sense that there were things I wanted from life that at the time I felt were important, and I wanted to go out and get them. I was very career minded. I started my own business in my late teens and I still have that business to this day. It pays the mortgage and allows me to live a comfortable lifestyle but it is no longer in line with who I am as a person. It is quite simply something that pays the bills. I have very little passion for it anymore. Something I am currently in the process of processing and adjusting where needed so that I can close my business(s), pursue my writing career and make my dream a reality by opening The Peridot Animal Sanctuary. This will not happen over night. Like with all things in life, when you want something badly enough, you can make it happen, but you have to put the work in.

I didnt truly understand this concept until my late twenties. Some occurrences happened in my adult years that were tough. Oh the irony of being a teenager and thinking life is hard, nothing can quite prepare you for adulthood. Along the rollercoaster of life affirming ups and earth shattering downs, I struggled. With life, with love, with loss .. and other things I'm not ready to share. And whilst I wish some of these things never happened, I wouldn't change them. For they've made me who I am today and at aged 33 I can honestly say I am there. I am in alignment. I know who I am, who I want to become and how to do what needs to be done. I just need to do it.

Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom in order to get back to the top. Whilst being at my rock bottom was the worst time of my life, I'm grateful for it, as it made me think long and hard about my life and the changes I needed to make happen to be happy again. I realised I didn't like who I was and came to grow excited to become who I wanted to be. I spent a lot of time on my own. Journaling. Researching. Reading. Doing the inner work to make the outer pattern shifts.

*What did I believe and why did I believe it?

*Who was I spending my time with and why?

*What did I spend my money on and how did that better my life?

*Did it better my life? No? Then why was I buying it?

I learnt that we cant expect our lives to get better, if we repeat the same bad habits over and over. We cant moan that someone makes us unhappy yet choose to spend time with that person every day. We can't panic that we can't pay the bills, yet do nothing to change our financial status. We cant be unhappy at being a certain weight but not change our eating and lifestyle choices. We cant moan our job makes us miserable, if we don't try to make it better or update our cv and apply for a new one. An addiction can't be responsible for ruining our life if we don't at the least, try to quit. If we want positive changes, then we as individuals are responsible for making them happen.

I could not blame anyone else for what was wrong in my life as the only person that could make it right - was me. Family, friends and partners can help along the way if we're blessed enough to have them, but ultimately the one person who is truly in charge of every aspect of your life - is yourself.

We have to make our own magick.

So I did.

I began making the changes and aligned my heart, body and soul to incorporate my belief into my daily lifestyle. I stopped being a hypocrite and rid myself of what was needed in order to be free and who I wanted to be. I cut the negative influences out, I stopped worrying about what other people thought, I embraced nature, went plant powered and in the process, I found myself. I appreciate now that life is a blessing, we owe it to our life force to be compassionate and embrace the life we've been given. And that includes being compassionate towards ourselves aswell as others.

I learnt to focus on the good - not the bad. No matter what your situation, there is always good there, even if its something small, focus on that and if you put the work in, in time it will become something big - the more we focus on being grateful, the more the world will provide us to be grateful for. I learnt to make time for myself and fall in love with the natural world around us. I embraced nature and welcomed it into my daily routine, brought symbolic trinkets from the outside world into my life, my work, my home. I gave thanks to the elements. The matter that makes life. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. And most importantly. Spirit. Finding your true spirit and aligning with your higher self is the most important aspect of learning to live authentically and be who you are meant to be.

For me, this did not happen over night - far from it. It's been a process I have adapted into my life over the past many years and it's been truly life changing. Traumatic and terrific all at once all at once. An Eton Mess of manifestations, realisations and adaptations. But after many years I now know who I am, what i want to achieve and my purpose here on this beautiful planet called Earth. We all have the ability to do this. To find our own magick and be good, kind, life loving people. When I finally found my true calling, it was a gold medal winning feeling. But I had to put the work in. Your outer world will not change if you dont make the inner changes first. We are our own thought patterns. If we think our life is awful and unfair - guess what? It always will be. We have to learn to love ourselves and then in turn, love the world again.

Selflove is something many find self indulgent but it helps everyone, not just yourself. It doesn't mean sitting infront of the mirror every day putting make up on until you feel beautiful, it means looking deep into yourself and finding what you like about yourself as a person.

*Are you a good friend, a good brother / sister / son / daughter / mother / father?

*What do you believe and why? How do you incorporate that into your life?

*Do you say you hate the patriarchy system yet conform to it and not speak out when you feel something is wrong?

*Do you say you're against animal cruelty but eat a bacon sandwich for breakfast?

*Do you think something bad is happening to someone you care about yet do nothing to help them?

*Who are you?

*Do YOU like you?

*If you don't like you - please, I implore you. Do as I did. Make the changes.

Go back to your roots. What do you enjoy doing? Reading? Writing? Singing? Dancing? Spending time with your friends and family? Make time, and do it. Dont make excuses that you dont have time, because you can make time. This is something I personally struggled with when I was at my own inner turmoil - how on Earth could I make time to write a book and free my mind when my world was falling apart? I forced myself and I did. I breathed. I relaxed. I smiled. I felt good. The next day was better. So I did it again. I kept making time for myself and as a result I was less scattered and frantic and my thought pattern changed. I stopped thinking about how awful everything was and instead focused on ways I could help try to make the things I felt so passionately about better. What could I do to make a difference? And why wasn't I doing it?

A book that helped me to change my thought process was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. If you haven't read it - it's a book about The Law of Attraction - or as I prefer to call it. Magick. And I believe in magick with every fibre of my being. Magick helps me to see how each and every one of us is capable of living an amazing abundant life, filled with everything we've ever dreamed of - we simply have to make it happen. No dream too big or too small. It really is that simple. Whilst at the same time not simple at all.

Claiming that we can make our wildest dreams come true, we just have to believe it will happen - is like a quote from a Disney movie. What most people miss from this, is that in order to achieve the dream or goal, we first need to conquer our arch nemesis - our thought process. The hardest hurdle to jump over! How many times have you been given encouragement only to immediately shut it down, for example: 'you look beautiful' = No I dont. 'You Can do it!' = No I cant. Self doubt is that big old baddy that steps in the way of our dreams, our happiness, and aligning with our higher-self. You just have to train yourself to pack it in. Stop it. Believe in your self.

Deep down, we are all good people. I truly believe that. As much as I believe in magick. Whoever you may be in this moment, reading this blog post, you are a good person. You are loved. Cherished. Mesmerising. There is only one of you in this entire universe, you may only be here once (a blog post for another time) make this time count.

Be all you can be. Help make this world a better place.

Love yourself, embrace your life and encourage others to do the same. Try and make this planet better for your being here, whether thats via parenthood, charitable donations, being a good friend, a great partner, sharing knowledge, cleaning up your neighbourhood, starting an eco friendly business, writing a book, rescuing animals, fostering children, growing plants, peaceful activism, caring for others, the list is endless. No matter what it is you want to do, as long as it harms none. Do it.

Find your calling, your inner beauty, your outer dreams, your belief system and live by it.

I wish each and every one of you every success in finding your calling, creating your own magick and making your dreams come true. Earthlings is one of many things I needed to create in my own magickal process, I can't wait to see what beautiful moment's you create in yours.

Just like Peridot, we are born of the stars, magick is within us all. Embrace it. Envision it. The rest will come.

If it harms none - So mote it be.

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