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Hey everyone - if you're on my socials you'll have seen the cover reveal for book two of the Earthlings trilogy: Dominion, and I'm thrilled to confirm that I've signed for the remainder of the trilogy to be published with the amazing Chronos Publishing with Dominion due for release later this year (date TBC).

Dominion see's the return of Peridot and everyone's favourite characters, along with the most despised, it's a coin flip between Alan and Vallaeartha who ironically are my favourite characters!

Keep reading for the blurb for Dominion and I'll be sharing the pre-order link shortly.


Peridot has fallen, taken to the one place a magick-born does not want to end up. The Descendant's headquarters. Alone, she must learn to embrace her magick in order to break free.

Elsewhere on the mainland, with the treaty unsalvageable, The Descendant’s new plans hold dire consequences for all who remain loyal to humans. The Resistance have no choice other than to prepare to make a stand and fight.

With the help of her friends, Peridot may be the saviour humanity needs to end The Descendant’s tyrannic way of life, or the catalyst that could kickstart a war deciding the fate of the Earthlings world, once and for all.

To keep up to date with all things Earthlings, exclusive #BehindTheBook info and #GiveAways make sure to sign up for my newsletter which goes out monthly. In the meantime, a massive thank you to each and every reader, Peridot can't wait to share the rest of her story with you.

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