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Available for all ages and events

Workshops: Welcome

Writing for Nature workshop

Stories have a unique ability to connect and engage with people of all ages, beliefs systems and backgrounds. What better way to come together and try to help our rapidly deteriorating natural surroundings than to write for nature together? During an hour-long workshop, I will work with your group to encourage and prompt ways to bring about awareness and positive change for nature through literature. Workshops can be tailored to any size or age group.

Workshops: Video


Ray is available for author visits within her local community of Essex and surrounding areas within a 50-mile radius, or happy to travel further afield providing accommodation can be provided. 

Options available:

*Assembly on either: My writing journey or Climate Change 

*Read along with Q&A session and discussion groups

*#WritingForNature poetry workshops

*#WritingForNature story workshops

(these are a firm favourite with students!)

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